Upon purchasing a high end electronic device, you want to know that you're covered if there are any defects or issues that renders the device inoperable. You can feel confident that if anything breaks due to faulty construction or wiring, we will quickly repair your saber and get it back to you asap.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all our sabers. Don't let the "limited" part get you down. All that means is it's limited to how the saber is damaged. If you're in battle and you throw your saber off a mountain top and it tumbles down sharp rock cliffs for a few thousand feet, unfortunately we cannot be blamed for its "condition" at that point. We WILL repair your saber if there is faulty wiring or other defective issues with construction. We stand behind our work and will always repair problems resulting from defective parts or craftsmanship. 

Of course we know that some of you will be using your sabers in duels and all kinds of shenanigans and although abuse isn't covered under warranty, we will still work with you to get your saber repaired and a reasonable cost. Even if it's not warranty repair we'd still prefer to work on and repair our sabers.

One more thing... If you decide you want to sell your saber within the one year warranty period, it is transferable for the reaming length of the warranty. Just mke sure and provide the new owner with the saber certificate which will include the serial and warranty number. Then the new owner can provide us with that information when submitting the saber for warranty work.

What we cover:

  • LED lighting system
  • Internal hardware and wiring
  • Speaker and soundboard
What we don't cover:

  • Failure caused by anyone but Sabersmith dissembling  the saber
  • Failure caused from being submerged in liquids such as water or lava
  • Failure caused by general abuse from customer or customers friends who didn't respect the saber.
  • Damage resulting from general abuse