Certified Pre-Owned

Welcome to or certified pre-owned page. In the future this is where you'll be able to find and buy sabers from our past and current lines that have been traded back in for new ones.

Since we will only make each line of sabers for one year and then discontinue, there will be times where you miss a design you loved but couldn't get for whatever reason. As a new customer you'll be able to order from whatever current line is out or browse the pre-owned sabers from previous lines. As an existing customer you'll have the option to trade in your Sabersmith saber for credit on the new models.

All pre-owed sabers will be checked and certified by us before put up for sale. All pre-owned sabers will come with a pre-owed warranty as well.

We just opened and haven't released our first full line yet but check back in the future. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for updates!