As life long fans, we grew up wishing that we could step into that galaxy far, far away. Like most fans we do all we can to feel emerged in it. We read the books, we buy the toys, we watch the films, we play the games, we wear the clothes, we do cosplay and find others to surround ourselves with the same passion for the fandom as we do.

One of the things we both fantasized about constantly was owning a real saber. It's one the most iconic scifi weapons in history. As a kid the toys do well to satisfy but as you grow up you find them lacking. Over the past few years there has been an amazing community of fans that have been making custom sabers trying to remedy this. We want to take part and bring our love of the fandom to the world through our sabers.

We are just two life long fans who crossed paths that decided to create some amazing pieces of scifi art. One machinist. One Designer. We are passionate about what we do but this isn't about us. We want the sabers and service to be the stars.

At Sabersmith we want to make everyone's fantasy of owning a realistic saber a part of reality. We believe that service and quality go hand and hand. Here are some things we aim to bring our customers:

  • Original and exclusive sabers made and assembled in the USA. Each engraved with a unique serial number inside.
  • High quality electronics and LEDs for the brightest blade and the best sound.
  • Hand detailed using our custom TrueAge™ weathering process which insures a realistic aged and battle worn look and feel. No two sabers will be identical.
  • Two week turn-around. As saber customers ourselves we know what it's like waiting 30-90 days on your saber. We want to change that.
  • Quality packaging. Like any other high quality item you buy, our sabers will come to you in style.
  • 1 year limited warranty with quick repair times. We assemble our sabers with great care and stand behind them. If our product is defective, we remedy that.
  • Exclusive annual designs. All designs will be made for only one year. This insures that your sabers value will stay high but also it's exclusivity.
  • Trade-in program. If we release new designs and you'd like something new, then you can trade your Sabersmith saber in for credit on a new one.
  • Certified pre-owned sabers. Since our models are limited, you might not grab one while available. With our trade-in program, we will have previous models checked and certified by us for resale. They also come with a warranty.
  • Short run limited edition sabers. For those collectors and enthusiasts out there, we will be doing extremely exclusive designs annually made with exotic materials you definitely don't want to miss.
  • Military discount. Regardless of your political viewpoint, the men and women who go above and beyond defending us and other people around the world deserve our support. 
  • Professionalism. You're buying a high end electronic device from us. You deserve respect and quality service as a customer and as a fan.

The only way to show you our dedication to this fandom and community is to prove it to you. If you decide to own one of our sabers, we will treat you as you should be treated. You're purchasing a piece of art we put a lot of time and devotion into. We are grateful and excited to be a part of your universe.